Pursuit of a Life with Purpose: Service

As I promised in my first blog launched last week, I am trying to post each week and as promised, I will try to make each post relevant, interesting and thought provoking. 

This week the subject is Service.  The concept of “giving back” runs deep within our country.  As the “land of opportunity” many Americans feel that they want to “give back to the community” which has given them so much.  You don’t have to be Bill and Melinda Gates or Warren Buffet to give back.  Whether you coach your kids soccer game, support the boys and girls scouts by purchasing cookies, or help build a home for a returning disabled veteran, you are engaged in service to your community.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”.  – Ronald Reagan

With the impact of hurricanes Harvey in southeast Texas, Irma in Florida and the Caribbean and most recently Jose in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, the subject of service is front and center.  The damage from these three storms is now approaching a half trillion dollars.

Our hearts break at the loss of life.  But we also grieve with so many that have literally lost everything else.  But we celebrate the humanity of so many that reached out to help.

The storms are over, but the suffering continues and will continue for months, even years.  Government can underwrite much of the physical loss, but only the love and support of family and friends and the community as a whole can provide the kind strength of will necessary to rebuild these neighborhoods, home by home, store by store, block by block.

But you don’t need to travel around the world to get involved.  In your very own community you can find groups working to alleviate poverty, homelessness, hunger and illiteracy.  You can volunteer at an emergency shelter, a children’s hospital, a nursing home, a food pantry, an animal shelter or an after school program.  You could teach math or English as a second language.  You could join the board of directors of a non-profit.

I encourage you engage in service.  Set aside some of your time, which is so precious.  Identify a cause that you are passionate about and get involved.  For every need, for every cause, for every injustice that exists in the world, there are people that are working in service to those who are affected.  If you will give of yourself, I guarantee you two things — you do possess a necessary skill or talent to help the cause and you will be transformed by the work as you transform the world.

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”Howard Zinn


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