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Collins Strategies offers real estate professionals and organizations
proven methods and personalized coaching to
grow leaders and heighten performance. 

Work with us to go beyond a numbers game to build a
meaningful, productive, and sustainable business.

Business Planning

Helping real estate professionals create successful and sustainable businesses by assessing current performance, understanding individual approaches, evaluating and positioning, and then developing an optimization plan based on the individuals’ or organization’s unique talents, values, resources, and skills.

Leadership Coaching

Working with industry leaders and professionals seeking positions of influence to evaluate and enhance individuals’ key qualities to help develop into transformational leader.

Individual & Team Coaching

Designing a personal playbook based on unique strengths, including techniques to increase productivity. Then work together to strategically and systematically implement the program with focus and accountability.

“I needed someone who understood my business, who could provide me with helpful direction and offer meaningful suggestions.  I was struggling with motivation and felt overwhelmed.  Tom had a tremendous knack for identifying my blind spots and helping me understand how they were preventing me from maximizing my potential.  His coaching has completely and positively transformed my perspective and my approach.”

Rebecca Galeota Vice President
Cushman & Wakefield