Business Planning

Collins Strategies helps real estate professionals create successful and sustainable businesses by assessing current performance, understanding individual approaches, evaluating and positioning, and then developing an optimization plan based on the individuals’ or organization’s unique talents, values, resources, and skills. 

The single most important reason to undertake the business planning process is to really THINK about the business, where you want it to go and the best way to get there. 

  • Business assessment
  • Methodology review
  • Establish goals and targets
  • Action strategy
  • Execute
  • Reporting
Business Planning Process
Business Planning Process

“There is no road map or instruction manual that breaks down how to be successful as a commercial real estate broker. That can cause doubt for brokers that are rookies in the industry right up to 20 year veterans. It can leave you asking ‘am I maximizing my potential for success at this point in my career?’ Tom provides the guidance to answer that question based on your personal strengths and weaknesses as a broker.”

Mike Ogasapian Assistant Vice President
R. W. Holmes