Individual & Team Coaching

We’ll do a deep dive into your current business plan, pipeline, weaknesses, and talents to understand what makes you unique among your competitors. 

Part of the process is the development of a personal business plan.  

We will identify ideal clients, establish and prioritize your goals, create business development targets, mark obstacles, and evaluate strengths and talents.

All of which become a personal playbook or business plan, including individual strategies to overcome challenges and business development techniques that match your talents, increase productivity, and create greater earnings.

Then, we will work together to strategically and systematically implement the program with focus and accountability.

  • Evaluation
  • Develop objectives
  • Design a unique plan
  • Identify resources and leverage automation
  • Systematic implementation
  • Appraisal & adjustment
  • Talent Assessment
Individual and Team Coaching Process

“I was as stuck as I had ever been in my 27 years in business.  Realizing that I couldn’t pull myself out of this funk I finally decided to reach out to Tom at Collins Strategies.  I mean after all, Tom Brady has a passing coach, Tiger Woods has a swing coach and Michael Jordan had a shot coach.  The problem isn’t being stuck, the problem is doing nothing about it.  Working with MY NEW COACH has reenergized me and business is up, BIG.”

Tom McAuliffe President