Leadership Coaching

It is generally understood that great leaders aren’t born, they are developed.  Everyone possesses fundamental leadership qualities in varying degrees.  However, the commonly flat structure of organizations today and the evolving roles within the workforce has complicated the dynamics of leadership.  

Among the various leadership styles, there are pros and cons to each, and situations often dictate when one might be most effective.

There are four key competencies that are essential for good leadership regardless of style.

Four competencies

  • Business Acumen
    Strategic Vision and decision making
  • Leadership Skills
    Team Building, Delegation and Managing Performance
  • Interpersonal Skills
    Trustworthiness, Relationship Building and Influencing Others
  • Intrapersonal Skills
    Professionalism, Flexibility and Stress Tolerance

Of the many leadership styles, transformational is often considered the most desirable. 

A transformational leader is a strategic thinker with a vision who can inspire others to work toward a common goal. He or she is a consensus builder and a strong communicator driving the organization toward achievement and performance.

Transformational leaders often inspire their followers to become leaders as well.

Collins Strategies works with industry leaders and professionals seeking positions of influence to evaluate and enhance individuals’ key qualities to become strong and effective leaders.  

“When I first engaged with Tom as my coach, I was looking for direction and perspective from someone in Commercial Real Estate so that I could grow my individual brokerage practice.  With Tom’s objectivity, knowledge and wisdom what I’ve gotten is growth in my life, my family and my career.  With Tom’s help I’ve established my own company and we are competing in our market and growing our brand.”

David Ellis President
Ellis Realty Advisors