"Tom, I wanted to get back to you with my thanks and to tell you I thought you did a really good job of helping us focus on the future direction of the company. You presented the options well and whatever course is decided, I feel you deserve credit for getting us thinking in a more disciplined manner. Feel free to use me as a reference, I’d be happy to give you high marks."

Bill McCall President
McCall & Almy, Boston, MA

“In our industry we tend to put a real focus on training and mentoring for new hires.  Once the new broker is up and running they are typically on their own.  But,  from my perspective, there isn’t a better business decision that you can make than hiring Tom Collins to help your brokers take their business to the next level.

There is clear and measurable improvement in both their organization skills and their productivity with Tom’s guidance.”

Garry Holmes President
R.W. Holmes Realty

"Commercial Real Estate Brokers by their very nature are a unique and demanding "species" who are a formidable challenge to manage and lead. Tom has succeeded beyond compare and has done it with grace and aplomb. Tom is a class act and I hope to have a chance to work more closely with him in my next life."

Jim Nicoletti Executive Vice President
Avison Young, NE

"I highly recommend Tom Collins and Collins Strategies to any organization looking to complement its planning process and to provide coaching to its professionals at all levels.

I think there is real value in having someone with Tom’s experience and expertise examine your organization and provide advice and insight."

John D. Miller Executive Vice President
Lincoln Property Company, Boston

“When I first engaged with Tom as my coach, I was looking for direction and perspective from someone in Commercial Real Estate so that I could grow my individual brokerage practice.  With Tom’s objectivity, knowledge and wisdom what I’ve gotten is growth in my life, my family and my career.  With Tom’s help I’ve established my own company and we are competing in our market and growing our brand.”

David Ellis President
Ellis Realty Advisors

“There is no road map or instruction manual that breaks down how to be successful as a commercial real estate broker. That can cause doubt for brokers that are rookies in the industry right up to 20 year veterans. It can leave you asking ‘am I maximizing my potential for success at this point in my career?’ Tom provides the guidance to answer that question based on your personal strengths and weaknesses as a broker.”

Mike Ogasapian Assistant Vice President
R. W. Holmes

"I needed someone who understood my business, who could provide me with helpful direction and offer meaningful suggestions.  I was struggling with motivation and felt overwhelmed.  Tom had a tremendous knack for identifying my blind spots and helping me understand how they were preventing me from maximizing my potential.  His coaching has completely and positively transformed my perspective and my approach.”

Rebecca Galeota Vice President
Cushman & Wakefield

“Tom Collins is the quintessential real estate manager, coach and team builder. His ability to listen, assess and then propose solutions to brokers ranging from new hires to 20+ year veterans is what separates him from the crowd.”

J.R. McDonald Executive Managing Director
Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

“I was as stuck as I had ever been in my 27 years in business.  Realizing that I couldn’t pull myself out of this funk I finally decided to reach out to Tom at Collins Strategies.  I mean after all, Tom Brady has a passing coach, Tiger Woods has a swing coach and Michael Jordan had a shot coach.  The problem isn’t being stuck, the problem is doing nothing about it.  Working with MY NEW COACH has reenergized me and business is up, BIG."

Tom McAuliffe President

“I barely knew Tom Collins.  Six years ago he interviewed me for a position at Cushman & Wakefield.  The only contact we had for 6 years was me seeing his LinkedIn postings.  Not long ago, I sought an objective career advisor and saw that Tom is willing to share his wisdom.

Tom empowers success with tailored targets. We perform against my personal goals as we strategize and train to achieve them.  I highly recommend Tom to anyone seeking a streamlined approach to achieving their goals”.

William J. Beckwith Account Director
ENGIE Services

"Tom Collins is the best coach/mentor any young, aspiring broker could hope for. We work in an industry where there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. Tom always steers you in the right direction. He always has your back and always pushes you to become the best broker and more importantly, the best person you can be."

Steve Woelfel Vice President
Colliers International, Boston, MA

“Having known and worked with Tom for almost 20 years I can think of no other leader in our industry that possesses such a complete understanding of all aspects of commercial real estate Leasing and Investment Sales, Investment and Financing and Organizational Team Management. He is a smart, thoughtful and strategic leader, a true team builder.”

Jay Driscoll Executive Director
Cushman & Wakefield, Boston, MA

“Tom Collins isn’t just a visionary real estate manager, a new business machine or a trusted advisor: he is all of those things, but what’s made him a legend has been his ability to be the coach the players want to play for as well as the friend every friend needs. You always know he has your back…”

Sean Duffy Executive Director
Cushman & Wakefield, Hartford, CT

“Tom Collins is the Bill Belichick of real estate managers: it’s not that his players are always better than the other guys; it’s that he is always better prepared, more insightful, and more capable of motivating his team to excel. Always.”

Tim D’Addabbo Executive Director
Cushman & Wakefield, Hartford, CT

“I’ve had the great fortune of working with and/or for Tom Collins at Cushman & Wakefield for 20+ years. Not only do I attribute his leadership coaching to my own professional development, but I consider him an excellent mentor and “life-coach” as well. His impact on my career in the commercial real estate industry has been key to my success.”

Don Noland Senior Managing Director
Americas Research Operations, Cushman & Wakefield

"I was so excited when Tom Collins shared the news with me that he was going to be a business coach. Having known Tom for almost 2 decades, he has always been my go to person for counsel and advice. As a business coach myself, to have a trusted adviser you can count on to help guide you, be a sounding board that doesn’t judge you and only wants you to be the best you can be – and will push you to get there, Tom is a natural. He will be a gift to anyone who seeks out his help."

Liz Trocchio Smith CEO
The Trocchio Advantage

"I have been fortunate to have known Tom Collins for over twenty years. Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure or the opportunity to work with him directly except on the board of directors of the Commercial Brokers Association and of course being friendly competitors.

I say unfortunately because from my 10,000-foot view, I have always admired Tom's leadership and management skills especially his mentoring of the Cushman brokers, both the young and the old. I’ve always been impressed by his deep knowledge of all aspects of commercial real estate, his innate fairness and good sense, as well as the ethical manner in which he approaches the business while always encouraging others to follow his lead.

Jim Nicoletti Executive Vice President
Avison Young, NE

Lincoln Property Company is a national real estate development and investment firm which also offers our clients brokerage, appraisal, property management and project management services.

Each year we ask our professionals to prepare business plans for the upcoming year.  As we approached 2018, I wanted to bring a different perspective and discipline to the planning process as well as a continuing focus, accountability and follow through during the coming year.

Tom Collins has been a friend for 25 years so I’m very familiar with his successful career.  We decided to have Tom come to our offices and make a formal business planning process presentation to our service line professionals.

We then contracted with Tom to engage in one on one sessions with our brokerage group to discuss individual and team strategies.  I was certain that Tom’s perspective and advice could have a positive impact.  I was right, the program has been a tremendous success.

John D. Miller Executive Vice President
Lincoln Property Company, Boston

“I’ve been working with Tom for almost two years.  If I had had my original wish, Tom would have become a hands-on player/coach and mentor within my company, helping to flesh out longer term goals and the overall structure of our business.  Instead he became my coach and mentor via Collins Strategies.  His experience and insight have been invaluable, and we truly appreciate his dedication and follow through.
As far as his mantra 'Focus and Accountability' he has been hammering us on both, especially accountability, and that’s exactly what we’ve needed!  I’ve told Tom that if he has any prospective clients that are looking for specific feedback about his coaching services, please use me as a reference.”

Thomas F. Meade IV President
Touchstone Capital Partners